Monday, December 30, 2013

2 + 3 = MAYHEM!

Not math... don''t make us do math.. 
I think you might enjoy this math though, it ends in mayhem.. 
What's mayhem?
I think we are.. 
No me.. she won't seem to let me out of here.. 
So, what is this mayhem you speak of?
And this.. 
and most definitely that.. please don't growl at the feathers.. 
I think I like Mayhem.. 

I stopped by the shelter to pick up some food and came home with three more kittens :) Three little boys that are just shy of weight, so I doubt they will be here very long. They went into the shelter with their mom, but since they were so close to weight and I already had kittens I opted to them them with out her.

There was a sneeze or two on the way home, and some eye watering in the time since they showed up, so I've opted to keep him isolated a bit longer. I know it is probably pointless as they are in the same room, but I wrapped a sheet around the cage anyway. The other two boys are very healthy and haven't sneezed once. It is interesting in that while they look exactly the same, we have three distinct personalities. The super friendly one, the growl-y one and the "DO NOT TOUCH ME I'M SICK" one.  He is so sick and tired of my trying to get silver and golden seal in him that he tenses up when I go near him.. I mean really tense.. jaw clenched, muscles taught.. one great big little ball of leave me alone.  But he is feeling better and I let him walk around outside the cage last night, and all seemed to go well.  I'm sure in another day or two he'll be feeling much better and I'll feel comfortable leaving them all out in the same room.

Initially I wasn't sure how it was going to go, since the new boys are a bit overly dramatic.  The boy who growls growls at everything.. but I didn't know that initially and thought he was telling everyone to leave him alone.  There is some screaming when they are tackled by Lion or TKTRMOM, but then I realized they scream when their own siblings do it too, so I have stopped worrying about it.

So now do I not only need to come up with a name for TKTRMOM but three little black panther kittens..


  1. Ah, little black kittens...I wish I could remember what they were like...Barney stayed that size for about a week!

    They're all so cute though. I hope they can all help each other in bringing each other out of their shells a little more. I know kittens playing at mayhem would do it for me! :)

  2. How about Eeny, Meeny and Miney? :)

  3. Oh, how adorable! Kittens always seem to be exponential mayhem. Adding two kittens to three kittens means more than five kittens worth of mess... and delight!

  4. OH MY word cuteness overload! We just love gettin our kitten fill at your blog in the mornings!

  5. the Melody-look-alike is adorable in that second picture - all "what the heck are those?" and that one picture with the ball in mid air makes it look like she has her own gravitational pull :)

  6. So cute ! Five kittens... Lot of life in the home, sure ! Purrs

  7. When the mayhem is cute, the mayhem gets away with it, I think.


  8. We like this version of mayhem. Good luck with the names!

  9. oh!!! So great! How about "Doodles" "Butters" and "Nazario" - Crepes.

  10. Aw, that's the cutest mayhem!

  11. Welcome little panther kitties, you all are so precious!


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