Monday, December 16, 2013

Jack is at the emergency clinic

My heart is broken and I feel like a failure. It does not matter if this is true or not, this is how I feel.

Although to look at it with out the emotions of the day, I might be able to joke and say it totally feels like I am living in a soap opera, because it is all so head bangingly... what is a good word??  Absurd comes closest.

For those of you who do not know, I am not at home. I had some time off and the lovely Miss Amy from (insert link here later when I'm not on my kindle that has such limitations -or is that just me) invited me to come see her.  I generally do not travel as I am a cat at heart (and not the Waffles kind of cat that likes to go places) but I could not pass up a chance to see Harvey Monster, Lowenstein, Evelyn, as well as Allie, Maxwell and Faraday over at (you you guessed it, insert link here later) as I have often wanted to go all fan girl on them ( Turns out only the males were interested in fan girls )

Anyway, today while we were out and about I was telling Amy and Lisa that I have THE WORST  luck planning things. When I plan, God laughs, and things go crazy. For instance I can not go out for a meal with out something going stupidly wrong (my father can't either apparently, which I learned after I started reading some of the stories I have of things happening) Often if it's crazy stuff that has nothing to do with what I planned, but regardless will ruin everything.

Today I also met up with another amazing Nebelung while at the shelter here and I wondered if I would seek out another after I lose Jack, as they are all so darn amazing cats.. (for what it is worth, the "plan" is to not adopt any more cats so I can house foster and not just room foster..)

So of course when I get a minute on WiFi to check my email, I have an email from my husband that says please call me.

Now something else you should know about me is that I am phone phobic. My husband knows this. A please call me email is immediately bad news.

Maine was just dealt a bad snow storm, 18 inches. My parents are healthy but they to were a might have been the kittens as they still are so untrusting. Our a million other things as I tried to reach him.

When I got through, he was on the road to the vet. Jack was blocked.  I didn't feel comfortable getting details as he was driving (and with precious cargo)  So I waited for him to get to the clinic to call me back.

I had visions of a lethargic and laid out Jack on death's door and I nearly completely lost it.
Amy and Lisa were wonderful. I sat in Panarea half way across the country from my boy who needed me (or probably more accurately whom I needed) and wondered if he would be with me for Christmas.

Another phone call. He was at the clinic. He seemed blocked upon assessment, vials were good, no fever good attitude. I started to breathe, I also started to get VERY cold. Shock sucks.

Waiting for the vet, we decided to relocate where some purr therapy might be obtained.

After propping me up by the fire place and sticking me under two blankets, my husband called and we spoke to the vet. I gave her my dos and don'ts for treating my boy. She gave me her plan of attack, and when we mostly came to an agreement (she is going to feed him c/d while he is there) I started to warm up.

Lisa distracted me with a wonderfully informative discussion about Judaism, which I'm loathed to admit I probably only half absorbed.

They were able to do urinary catheter in him right away, and they were going to call him and then he would call me.. no call came, my phone for some reason lost service. I called home and got the news that everything went swimmingly, they were able to remove a large mucus plug and he was in recovery and awake when they called him.

He will be OK. I, however am threatening to never travel again

(Hello Evelyn)

I have one more day here and then I fly home. Every once of me is aching to be home, but even if I was there I could not be with him as he is in the hospital..

(I'm curious what The Crew is thinking, first mom leaves now Jack)

I have yet to wrap my brain around why this going on. Is it that he got one or two temptations, why is the raw food not "working" I'm really at a loss

And I am also losing the fight with sleep so I will wrap this up..

I have a post scheduled for tomorrow. I had plans....(ha ha ha) to be able to have one for you from the road for Tuesday, which is not going to happen

Assume no new is good news. If I hear something new I'll update, if not, I'll see you Wednesday at some point


  1. Oh Connie, how worrisome and upsetting for sure with you being away and all. Sending huge purrs and prayers to Jack for all to be resolved quickly with ease and sending big purrs and good thoughts to you.

  2. I am sending lots of purrs to Jack and I'm sure he will be okay. And I know you need to process this unhappy event in your own way, but I REALLY wish you would not beat yourself up over something that you may not have any control over. Kitties and their systems are all different and you may never know for sure why Jack got plugged up - or maybe you WILL find out. But do try not to let the ambivalence drive you crazy in the meantime. My human and I are sending good thoughts Jack's way, and yours. We know you'll get the answers you need, when the time is right.

  3. We know you must be terribly worried about being away while Jack is plugged up. It sounds like he's in good hands. We're glad that if you were away, you were with other cat people who understood your worry. Purrs to Jack and you both. Keep us posted.

  4. (((Hugs))) and purrs to Jack and to you too, Connie. Sending Universal Light to you both.

  5. I can't imagine how you are feeling! I would be at the airport, waiting for the next flight out. I am sending comforting purrs and thoughts to you.

  6. Oh dear. This must be so stressful for you. It's good to know Jack has been successfully unblocked. Could stress have been a trigger point?

  7. we have been following on facebook and know now he is doing better. but it sucks to be away when it happens. last time mom went to best friends she got a call from home about a foster is so hard to be calm and give directions and yet be able to DO anything. we are glad you were with friends who understand

  8. I'm sorry to hear Jack wasn't feeling well. Purrs he continues to improve and you get home to see him soon.

  9. I hope you're getting closer to Jack as I write is so hard to have an ill kitty when you're gone, even with your DH there--has something like this happen to me so I am simpatico.

    Fingers crossed.

  10. The mom says this is always one of her biggest worries whenever she goes away. We're purring that Jack is okay...and you'll be there soon to see him.

  11. We is purring for Jack, and for you too! Hope things get better furry soon.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (& Mom Eileen)

  12. You're doing everything you possibly can and Jack is in good hands. Now enjoy your visit!

  13. Oh Connie, I'm so sorry. There is nothing worse than being away from your babies when they're sick. It sounds like Jack is going to be fine, but I know you won't rest easy until you can be with him again. Safe travels home to you!

  14. don't beat your self up sometimes these things happen,he's going to be alright,xx Rachel

  15. We're so very glad he's going to be back home and in your arms this evening!

    We loved having you visit and we boyz did try to do our part to distract. Besides, we're MUCH more inneresting than any dry topic our mommy might blather on about. For realz.

    We's glad you is home safe though! (uhm, can mommy stop squeezing us now?)

  16. Oh dear, I'm just catching up. I know what you mean about traveling and having things go wrong with the kids. I always seem to have a kitteh (usually Skootch) come down with something dire right BEFORE the trip, so then I am torn about leaving. You must NOT beat yourself up about going away. Fortunately for Jack your DH was there. Purrs for Jack AND you!


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