Friday, December 13, 2013

Orijen Dog treats vs *New* Cat Treats

One of the benefits of blogging about items from  is all of the great stuff we get.  Recently we were contacted about Orijen Cat Treats, which of course I jumped right on.  The items were sent to me for free to try out and to give my opinion on.

I really like the Orijen company and their mission statement and the ideals behind the foods they produce. I am not on board with their dry cat food (I so wish they would consider making canned cat food) as I am not a fan of dry food for a cat no matter how 'good' it is on paper, or how 'grain free' it is. Even if they remove all plant based ingredients, it is still dry, and cats as desert creatures have a very low thirst drive and do better if they consume their hydration through their prey.  But alas, that isn't what I am here to blog about is it??

Cat Treats! YAY!

I have been getting - and once again was offered - their dog treats in Chewy's monthly blogger outreach program.  Most of their dog treats are single source proteins, generally consisting of the liver and then the meat of the animal in question.. (this means the product is more liver than meat - but this is a treat, not food so that is OK to me)

In the case of the Free Range Bison treats the ingredients also include bison tripe.

Single source, local ingredients, in this case free range - which hopefully means they are getting out into the sunshine and eating grass..

So when I was offered both (in two different emails) I thought what fun it would be to compare the two.

Dog vs Cat
We really don't care, we'll eat them both, really!!
Size of the treats, cat vs dog
Skippy the cat burglar. 
a missing dog treat
an about to be missing cat treat
I like the dog treats because they have a single animal source.  The bison treats are made of bison, the duck treats are made of ducks.. (they do have treats that are not single source)

The cat treats are more uniform in shape, smaller in size and being freeze dried are pretty light in weight.  I offered some to the kittens and they played with them for quite some time. One nit-picky thing about the treats we were sent was the fact that there were several different sources of protein in them.  This is not necessarily a bad thing if your kitty does not have digestive issues and if you trust the company.  It does look like from the brochure I was sent that they will also have single animal source treats as well, and if this is true then I can't think of a single negative thing to say.  I can make things up like I hope they will be comparable in price and not more expensive simply because they are for cats.  Or that the packaging might be too small to be economical for a multi cat household, but I simply do not know that.  Orijen cat treats have yet to be released for the public and as such there is no information out there on size of packaging and price per ounce.

Personally I like the larger size treats because it keeps my eat-first-and-ask-questions-later kitties busy while my not so food hogging kitties wrap their mouths around their own treat, but the smaller size might be just the thing other kitty owners are looking for.

Thank you for this opportunity, you have made ten kitties very happy..


  1. As a kitty who has digestive issues that have confounded even specialty vets, I am highly interested in single-source protein treats! I hope Orijen comes out with them in kitty size, since I have a very small mouth and prefer small treats.

  2. I managed to get some of the Orijen dog treats from the local distributor during the Pet Expo earlier this year. Sadly, the local distributor won't be bringing them in because he claims the authorities doesn't allow him to (which I think is just pure crap). I had to literally twist his arms to make him open his personal pack of the treats to give me a few pieces. Heh.

  3. I hadn't heard of this brand before--but the single-source dog treats seem great. They look more like "meat pieces" than the cat treats do. But, I think they would all be eaten at our house.

  4. both of those sound interesting.... and we have to agree that the dog size would keep certain treat hogs around here busy :)

  5. Our kitties like smaller treats and will eat bigger ones only if they are broken in smaller pieces. Maybe they are easier to inhale? That is, of course, if they eat treats at all, right Oui Oui?

  6. We usually don't like the big treats and the mom has to break them into smaller pieces for us. But the kitty ones sound very tasty...we may have to try those. (Though Wally is a treat snob and only likes his Greenies.)

  7. We have heard of people giving their cats the dog version of Orijen's treats for a while, but haven't tried them. Like you, we hope that their cat treats won't cost twice as much for the same amount just because it's for cats, so we'll be watching for them with interest.

  8. We kitties are always a little perplexed about the bigger treats ... we have to break them up.

    Thank you for the review ... both of those sound like they would be a big hit here.

  9. Wow! I love Orijen and I think they make the best dog treats. They are a Canadian company, right? I have a Beagle and a Golden Retriever that loves eating dog treats. One of the news that caught my attention years ago was the dog treats made in China. I know they are inexpensive but the quality is not at par with those made in the US and Canada. Here's a great article that tackles this disturbing problem. Good information to have, if I may so so

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