Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new (to us) raw cat food

I was out buying food for The Crew the other day and found a lone package of a new frozen cat food in the freezer. It is called Answers. I liked the ingredient list and when I went to purchase it I was given an information sheet on it and I really liked the company's ideas and philosophies.

Personally I wouldn't have gone for carrot fiber, but would have preferred something in the low glycemic green family like green beans or parsley, but that's just me
It thawed in my fridge for a while and I opened it up much like you would a milk carton.

With seven cats who eat about two ounces each, the 16 oz container really isn't practical. I could over feed them, they would like that, but that seems like a waste. I wrote to the company and asked if they would consider selling it in larger containers and got a very nice reply from Jacqueline C. Hill, Vice President of Operations and Product Development. At this time they are not doing sizes any larger than the 16oz.  (bummer!!) but I am hopeful that they will in the future. Most households are not one cat households.. (which if they were would mean this one container would last three to four days) but multi cat households and it seems a little impractical to continue to sell only in smaller containers. My other issue is this product cost me nearly $9. If I had one cat that wouldn't be out of the question, but I can not afford $18 a day.. ($17ish since there was one serving left over) nor would it really be practical for us.. I currently buy 30-60 pounds of food at a time.. which would be 30-60 of these containers..

I am really saddened by this, as I love the ingredients.. and The Crew really likes the food..

Yes, Muffin is a diva when it comes to new food.. no idea why since she is a total dishwasher and scrounges food where ever she can.. Don't worry.. she did actually like the food.. she was just holding out for her own private plate..

So it got two huge thumbs and fourteen paws up.. I am hoping that in the future there will be a way this will be more affordable for The Crew and any future fosters who need it can get it..

BTW, ANSWERS Pet Food has been named "Best Pet Food You Can Buy" By Susan Thixton, at TruthaboutPetFood.com, in 2012! Read the very first of a new series of articles taking a detailed look at various pet food companies. Read "Answers From ANSWERS Pet Food"


  1. I love that they had to check out the other plate in case it was different on there!

    Diva Muffin is exactly how I would be? I don't want to share a plate with my brothers and sisters thank you! :)

  2. This looks interesting! My human is thinking of trying to add raw to Binga and Boodie's diet... again (she tried before and they thought she was crazy), and this looks like good stuff! She really wishes I would eat raw because she thinks I am the one who needs it most, but I am also the kitty who likes the junkiest food.

  3. Oh, this is interesting. The head peep tried Instinct Raw Bites, but only Newton would recognize it as food. Even Ashton picked it up and put it back down uneaten. This looks like it might be a good option to try if the head peep can find it around here.

  4. Can't say I think it looks jummy.
    My mom-person tryed to give me raw chick-hen wings and other raw meat , but I refuse to eat it :)

  5. Not all of us are into raw. Last count, only Whisky, Boomer, Tutu and Felix would eat raw. We'll send Mommy over to check out the ANSWERS website....even if we aren't likely to ever see it here.

  6. Wowwww, that's quite a recommendation that they got the award from her! She's very particular!! We've never heard of this either and wonder if a store near us might carry some soon. Although we're STILL trying to get Maxwell off dry. Mommy even made oreos out of his dry food yesterday, sandwiching a bit of wet inside in the hopes it'll help....*sighhhhhh*

    1. We just checked yesterday with our local shop, and they said they used to carry it, but people hated the fact they had to chip away at it with an ice pick to get enough to thaw out. They said it wasn't nearly as easy to handle as other brands. :(

  7. Happy New Year to you All!
    sound like a nice food for the crew,xxRachel and Speedy

  8. Man I wish we could get that in New Zealand! It looks very nommy!

    Happy new year you guys, enjoy the noms!


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