Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kitten Shower at the shelter

Once again it was time for the shelter's annual kitten shower.  I had forgotten all about it but when I went in to pick up kittens the night before people were asking me if I was going to attend, so I thought I would stop by.

It is still a very fun and cute event, but I liked it so much more in the past when they offered food and goodies to the people who stopped in.  I know it is supposed to be a fundraising event, but there should also be a good will aspect to it.  If you have your hand out asking for money every time people show up... well I would imagine that would put some people off.  Their annual Christmas Open House is more like what the Kitten Shower used to be like, and it still is, and I appreciate that one much more - even knowing this event is designed to support the very function I hold dear..  *shrug*

My day started out with a quick visit to my favorite kitty at the shelter, Gigi..

G recently had a bit of a health scare and was at the vets for a couple of days.  I only found out because I stopped by and she wasn't there.  I'm okay with that since I don't expect them to tell me every time something goes awry with one of my former fosters.. I'm only saying something because I know you are probably wondering what was wrong.. unfortunately they didn't know at the time and I wasn't going to interrupt anyone today to ask as it was very busy. If she hasn't found a home by the next time I go in, I'll ask after her, simply because I care and I'm curious.

She was in an affectionate mood, which was nice, and I got quite a few head buts and a good number of kisses in before she went to lay back down in her basket.  As sweet as she is, I am so very shocked she hasn't found a home yet..

I then went off into the back where they were holding the shower..

crafts for sale. I bought a couple of things
raffle items, behind that they were doing a small bake sale
That "Cat Spool" on the end was really cool and had the most entries.
It was donated by a local artist that sells them on etsy
I bid on one of those items as a possible gift for my sister.. I wonder if I won.. 
then I went to the craft area for the kids.. I had seen a number of girl scouts walking around with hand made cat ears, it was really quite cute.. they made them here.

they even had kittens

The first year we did the kitten shower people thought we wanted them to bring in the kittens and we were swamped with them. This year they had to scrounge for kittens.. talk about your awesome things.  I was talking with another volunteer who told me about the statistics of kittens in our area, and how dramatically the turn in rate has dropped in the past few years.  The shelter's spay/neuter clinic that does low cost neuters is still doing about 20 a day four days a week, it looks like we are finally making a significant dent in the over population!  Hopefully they will continue to import kittens in from areas that still have a high supply of kittens and I will get to continue to foster for years to come.. (either that or I might just have to move ;) )

I did take some photos of the kitties there, so I'll have a "Shooting at the Shelter Series" post coming up soon.. but I know you all want to see more photos of kittens pretty quickly.. and I can't blame you there!

Kitten Shower 2013
Kitten Shower 2012


  1. such a great idea,and Gigi is looking adorable,xx Rachel

  2. What fun. Paws crossed for Gigi!

  3. I have never seen a kitten shower before! How cool! And what wonderful news that the kitten rate has dropped so significantly in your area.... truly a testament to the reason why spay/neuter is so important! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  4. Happy Mother's Day ,especially all the furry Moms !
    Good to hear that the spay/neuter is so effective.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  5. Even without the good will, it looks like it was a pretty great event! At BlogPaws, a lot of people were making cat ears to wear in the Cat Style Lounge... and you will be happy to know that many of them had one ear tipped, to represent feral kitties!

  6. That looked pretty fun! Glad you were able to go!

  7. I love that they have this event. It's fun and raises money!

  8. This looks fun event. The hand made cat ears are very cute :-)
    I hope Gigi will find forever home soon xoxo

  9. I hope Gigi is okay and she finds her loving and furrever home soon. They sure had some lovely things for sale and at the silent auction.

  10. A kitten shower sounds like a neat idea. And Gigi is so beautiful - hope she finds her home soon!

  11. We hope Gigi finds a home soon! And we hope lots of green papers were raised at the shower.

    The mom says that this year at BlogPaws they made kitty ears to wear. It was fun!

  12. Wayside is doing one this weekend!!
    Putting for Gigi....

  13. Gigi is stunning….paws crossed she finds a good home soon. I love the kitten showers…such a fun and great way to raise some KMR funds and such!


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