Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kitten watch is officially OVER!!

31 days 10 hours and finally we have kittens!  The shelter thinks they are three weeks old, I age them a wee bit older, coming up on four.. they are a little hissy, a little independent, and a little hidey..

Boy, girl, boy in DH's arms
being so young, they haven't yet been tested for Felv. They will be tested at the end of the month. No names at this point.. heck I still don't even have a good indicator of their personalities.. The girl just wanted out of there.. the lynx point kitten was pretty sedate and the most hissy.. the seal point (with wee stripes in there too) is going to be the first to realize humans are awesome.  He was also the first one to eat..

Girl and lynx point boy
"Seal Point w/lynx" boy
I am OUT OF HERE! - girl
at this point he has blue eyes.. will he keep them?
More blue eyes.. I hope he keeps them.. 
we like hiding 
Eating wasn't their strong suit at this age.. they figured anything in front of them that smelled good was food, so they started chewing on the bowl - which often young motherless kittens do.. when I transfered it to a plate, it worked a bit better for them, although there was still some chewing of the plate..

Chewing on the bowl
nom nom nom!
so.. anyone interested in doing a naming raffle?  I was thinking of calling them Faraday, Maxwell and Allie, but that made me think of Lisa over at BlogPaws, and my remembering I need to raise some funds to get to BarkWorld in October..

I've never done anything like this, so I have no idea if anyone out there is interested in it.. If you are interested, would you rather do a fee per chance or more like an auction where you can try to outbid one another for a chance to  name them?  letting me know which you like won't mean you have to participate.. I'm basically just gauging interest at this point..


  1. Oh, aren't they just so precious! Loud squeeing out here in cyber space. :-)

    I'm terrible with naming, so would pass, but I'm sure there are many who would love to have the opportunity.

  2. So jealous there has only been one time I have ever seen any lynx, seal or any other pointed kitten at the shelter I foster for...If I were closer you'd need to keep a close eye on them as the pointed ones would go missing. :P

  3. Squeeeeee! Kittens!! Gorgeous beautiful ever so young kittehs! Aawwwwww! They're adorable!! Hope you get some great ideas on the naming raffle!! Take care

  4. VERY cute! Congratulations to you and to the babies, who will become Great Kittens under your guidance.

  5. so cute,a naming raffle sound good to me!,xx Rachel

  6. Yay! Kittens! They are so adorable! :)

  7. Hooray on finally getting kittens! What cuties!

    "They say the test of literary power is whether a man can write an inscription. I say 'Can he name a kitten?' "
    Samuel Butler

  8. Oh lookit those three---they are going to be beautiful cats. A great idea for the raffle!

  9. A raffle is one thing I haven't done, so it would be interesting to see how a kitten naming raffle would work out!

  10. I like the idea of a chance per name fora donation. They are adorable and bet they get lovey in no time.

  11. SO PRECIOUS!!! So happy you finally got your kittens :) I am terrible at naming, so I am of no help there...

  12. But a raffle sounds like a neat and fun idea for those who would like to do it

  13. Lucky you! They are so adorable. I love naming cats, but only if I get to know them in the fur, first. I think they let us know the name they want. I will look forward to meeting you at BarkWorld!

  14. SQUEE! Our dad says he'd pay GOOD MONEY for the chance to name those two meezers. He's still hanging on to his first choices for *us* ...Lepton and Tachyon (yes, they are faster-than-light and elementary particles. Whaddaya gonna do, he's a physicist).

    Maybe we should hold a raffle to make sure that DOESN'T happen...?

    1. I knew what a Tachyon is, but Lepton I thought was the hormone that tells your body that your full (yes, I know, it's leptin.. )

  15. Raffle is a great idea!

  16. Concatulations on finally getting some kittens! I am catching up on blog reading so I am starting from oldest post to newest….can't wait to read/see how they are doing. We just got four more that are eating machines…sleep is so overrated!


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