Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sponsored review - My Name is Bob

I was recently contacted and asked if I might like a free copy of James Bowen's newest book "My Name is Bob" to review.  This book is an imagined prequel to A Street Cat Named Bob that I read and reviewed in 2012. I adored the original book, so I looked forward to reading this one too. My Name is Bob is written as a children's book and is recommended for ages 4-7.

I'm sure just about everyone has wondered about the life of their rescued pet before they came to live with them, and James is no exception. This is his imagined version of Bob's life prior to their meeting. As someone who volunteers in rescue, I have to say this book hit home, and I found myself with tears running down my face as I continued to turn the pages. I knew the story would have a happy ending, but it still moved me. I mentally cheered when Bob and James found one another. Seriously, I adore these two.. (you did read where I got overly protective of their book when I was reading it in the car) and all of the illustrations done by Gerald Kelley are precious, the illustration of James is downright adorable..

When researching this post, I noticed at Amazon that they have several books:
They are also working on turning James and Bob's story into a movie.

This is a very lovely book, and I would recommend it. Since I don't have children, I can't address that aspect of the book, but you can read a review over at by a woman with two children, and read their impressions of it.

You can also win a copy over at Cat Wisdom 101


  1. My Street Cat Named Bob has been on my reading list for a while. Maybe that's the one I'll read next! I just love cat stories. I may look into getting this children's book for my nephew. He has a dog, but he should experience the joy of kitties, too, don't you think? :)

  2. I read the Streetcat Named Bob and it was a touching and great story. I'll bet this one is good too.

  3. Anonymous10:02 AM

    That looks really cute!

  4. The book sounds wonderful!
    These books, I've been wanting to read but haven't yet.

  5. how cute! mom has to get the original book on her list


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