Thursday, November 26, 2015

My experience with the Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit

As someone who feeds her cats home made raw food, I'm aware that there are times when they need a little 'something green'. Yes, cats are obligate carnivores and are designed to get their entire nutritional content from the animals they catch and kill, but my cats don't eat other animals whole, so I believe they are lacking in a few things when I don't add "a little bit of greens" to their diet.

I know that cats make their own Vitamin C, but I have read the work of vets who believe that they often have a hard time making enough when their bodies are under stress.

I know there are components in grasses and leafy greens that have yet to be understood and quantified. There is a reason cats are naturally attracted to eating grass, and over the years I have tried to provide that for them... and I have been wildly unsuccessful at it. Cat grass seems to come in small little light weight plastic containers; those things are great for ease of shipping and not too bad for growing, but once the cat gets near it they tip over and the entire contents spills out.

I even tried planting it in a regular plant pot, and my cat knocked that over too. It was an absolute mess.

When I saw the Catit Grass Garden Kit, I actually went right out and bought one. I spent under $20, and thanks to Amazon it was shipped to me rather quickly.

I love that this thing can not be knocked over. I love that the screen on the top keeps paws off the vermiculite and keeps it all contained within the product. I love the no slip pad so the cats can't just lay there and bat at the thing and push it around the house as they are wont to do when they are bored.

Eli LOVES this thing.. I know because over the first few weeks of having it he would be regularly vomiting up grass. No, that is not fun, but the vomiting has become less. No one knows why cats do this.. One theory (which I like) is because cats lack the digestive enzymes to break it down, but I'm not fully convinced this is the complete answer, because several of my cats have also been chewing on this and haven't been vomiting.  Eli also tend to vomit just a few minutes after eating. I don't think that is really enough time for the stomach to give up on food and send it packing in the wrong direction. Then there is the fact that other undigested substances (mainly his fur) isn't hurled back up but is passed through to the end (more on that in another post)

I'm glad I bought it, I will be replanting another round of grass probably in the next few days because my poor house only has one set of windows that are good for sunlight and they aren't anywhere in the house I spend any time so I forgot to water it for a few days and it died.


  1. That looks really neat.
    JJ and Julie love grass.
    JJ sometimes hacks it up.Julie doesn't.
    Would be handy in Winter when there is snow and no grass ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Hmmm - I think maybe Christmas for my boys

  3. That stuff always looks so good but we won't eat a bite of grass, seriously. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. We all love grass but Mom doesn't - we vomit it up right after. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving,xx Rachel and Speedy

  6. Wow, this sounds pretty awesome! We just got one of these a few days ago.

  7. The screen on the top is a smart idea, and the grass looks yummy. Purrs

  8. I am definitely getting this for Wally. When I grew grass for him in a regular pot, he pulled it out and made a HUGE mess and I said never again. But since this cannot be knocked over and he can't get his paws in dirt, I will definitely buy it for him and he will love it. The only issue I may have is that he'll yak up the grass he chews. ~Island Cat Mom

  9. This looks like a good deal. We might have to try one of those for our inside cats and see if they will eat it. Some of the cats throw up anyway, so a little more won't matter. Have a great day.


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