Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Pawsome customized Jack socks made by Socksery

Olivia from the Socksery Team - that want to spread joy by making pawsome customized pet socks with people’s furbabies on them - reached out to me last month regarding their custom socks. She was wondering if I might be interested in a free pair of socks in exchange for a review.

I jumped on board immediately. I was offered a similar opportunity a while ago but it slipped out of my fingers because I couldn't find the right photo of Jack to use. This time I was prepared as I had found one and kept it on hand in case I decided to buy a pair.

Because... Jack. He was just so freakingly handsome.. *sigh*

I sent off the image and Olivia said that would be great, so I sat back and waited for the "magical socks, personalized with (my) furry friend’s face" to arrive.

I chose a size Medium and to have the background purple. The background comes in different color choices such as blue, light blue, pink, red, green and orange. You can also choose two or even three faces to put on your socks. You can see those options here. They also have a face mashup where there is no background to it. (Okay, fine, you can even get your dog, or put your own face on a pair of socks. Heck, if you were clever you could probably use just about anything - but you know my preference.. kitties!!)

So.. what do I think of the socks? Well, come on, they have Jack on them, they are freakin awesome!!

customized purple socks with a nebelung cat face on them
A pair of Socksery custom socks one face up the other face down
Looking at the inside of a custom printed sock from Socksery
a side view of a pair of purple custom socks from Socksery
a photo of a pair of custom socks from Socksery being worn by a woman with size 9 wide feet

I will tell you that I wear a size nine wide shoe.  I'm also not a completely fair representation of what they look like on because my calves are incredibly thick due to my lipedema.  Because I generally have an impossible time getting socks like this on my feet at all, I was incredibly impressed that I was able to get them on. They have some good give to them, but they aren't all loosey-goosey so you would have to worry about them falling down.

Negatives?? well, um.. well there is a seam down the side that runs all the way up the sock, but that's minimal... I mean like I'm digging for a negative here.

Now that I'm looking at the photos I will say that the purple is showing up on my screen as a shade or two lighter than they actually are.

So I grabbed some Crayola crayons to help you understand the color a little better..

showing the true color of customized socks by Socksery by using Crayola Crayons the purple sock is closest in color to the purple crayon

The wrapper on the Plum and the Violet are very similar to the sock color, but the swatch of the violet was the closest in color.

I love them.. LOVE them.. Now, the question becomes if I had normal-sized calves would I wear them. I am so torn on that because I'd LOVE to show them off, but I would hate having them wear out. On the flip side of that, I could always buy new ones! 😸

If you have a pair, or you buy a pair, I'd love to see yours.. cause I think these things are so cool..


  1. Wow, they are pawsome. I love the color and, of course, Jack's handsome face on the socks.

  2. Those socks are totally AWESOME!

  3. Jack is SOOOOOOO handsome! I know it's not nearly as great as him being here - but at least you're guaranteed a smile every time you look at them.

  4. Those are really awesome!

  5. These are super awesome. I'd buy another set to not wear. :-D

  6. aww - those are adorable!!!

  7. Very neat. They would also make fun gifts.

  8. Oh my gosh, I love these! I also like the crayon comparison--for some reason that picture made me really happy. :-)

  9. Aww, aren't those sweet?!? And little Angel Jack's all over!
    Isn't it funny the way colors show up on camera?

  10. They are awesome! I love the color and the photo of Jack is purrfect!

  11. Those came out great!


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