Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A family photo for #Cabanaandthegang

Hey, Casey, do you think we can get a family photo??
Is there baby food involved? - Casey
Did someone say baby food?? Cape and Cabana (with Casey in the background) 
Okay, everyone on the couch, try not to move too much while I figure out the white balance
Could you get a little closer?
Arrgh, my white balance again.. Cabana, could you be a little less brilliant for me?
Okay, but more brilliant than that, I kinda need you to look at the camera
well now you all look like you are about to be abducted by aliens.. 
Lady - you are weird - Capa
Okay, that's better, that is a little less alien abduction and a little more album cover photo..
but can you get a little closer?
oooh, got it!!
Casey!! it is not that kind of photoshoot!!
and no, these kinds of photos will not have people sending you oodles of baby food.. 


  1. MOL! I can't believe you got them all in one shot, all looking at the camera. That must be some powerful baby food!

  2. Love these pictures! Food is such a powerful motivator.

  3. Hahahaha! Some classic images, and all are adorable!

  4. Love the outtakes as much as the final family portrait! They are simply adorable.

  5. What a family! I wish my family was that adorable!

  6. These photos are adorable. What a sweet little kitten family you've got there :)
    Thank you for your kind words on Caster's memorial post. We miss our boy terribly. Being a part of such a supportive, cat-loving community helps though. And you're right -- the love of a cranky old (young) cat is the best :)


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