Saturday, January 18, 2003

What is yours is Muffins

Muffin is an obsessive kitty.. must have anything that you have. Eating is no fun, cause she's constantly up in your food.. no matter how many times you throw her on the floor, she just turns around and is back in your face. I just got some ice cream. I covered the bowl with my hand, and she was licking my hand trying to get to the ice cream. She then walked over my bowl, over to the desk, then stole the cap to my ice tea bottle. She grabbed it in her mouth, jumped down, and ran into the kitchen and is now making a major racket in there.

Bugs - now called kodiac.. or kodi, is looking a lot better, but this morning he had some bloody mucus on his nose. I'm glad they are going to the vet on Monday..
Melvin is now the kitty with out a name. and he is really quite annoyed with me that I'm still medicating him. He is also now the kitty with seven teeth. his adult canines are coming in, and only one of this baby teeth has fallen out so far. He looks quite freaky. I have a picture, I'll have to upload it.

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