Saturday, January 11, 2003

They're back!

the kitties are back, the kitties are back!

Went to the vet to get them this morning. Since the shelter told me that muffin has acne, we went out last night to get them some non plastic bowls. Went to the Christmas tree shops, and got some. They had the cutest kitty bowls and plates sitting out front. They were near some other bowls that were appropriate for cat food bowls, which we picked out, and then the shop announced they were closing. I sent the hubby to the register to check out, and I ran out back to see if they had more of the plates and bowls, which they so did, so we are going to go back this afternoon and get some!!

anyway. we were going to go this morning, but we couldn't get out of the house on time, so we just went straight to the vets to get the kitties. we pulled out our carrier which is WAY too small for the three of them, but I figured the shelter would have left one with them. Jack however decided he wanted to come with us, so we brought him along in the carrier. We got there, and Bugs is still sick, so he needs more meds, but everyone else is apparently doing fine. They didn't have a large enough carrier there for the three of them, so we put Muffin (the kitten formerly known as Scooter) and melvin in one, and I carried bugs out to the car, and ended up shoving him in the carrier with jack. no one was very impressed with the car ride home. But once we got here, I opened the door, and bugs RAN out into the house. Jack sauntered out, then went back in. The hubby brought the other carrier in the house, and when that one was opened, they both ran into the house as well. They have been exploring for a while now.

Muffin just came up and jumped on my lap purring. It looked like she had something stuck on her claws, so I looked, and she had torn up her claws, and had some blue fluff embedded in them. I gently pulled the fluff off, then tried to peel back the layers of the claw that had flaked off. Most went ok, but one was so bad that when I went to peal it off she winced, and a small drop of blood came out. She does NOT like to be contained!! *not to keen on having her claws picked at either* She's now in the window watching 'daddy' snow blow. Have I mentioned to you that she's a sheep in wolves clothing? She really looks like that with the white under belly and paws, and the mask and cape of gray on her head and back. She also really acts the part.. being all cute and sweet, but she is an unstopable force when she gets her mind on something

*smile* Its nice having them back.

however, I am desperate for names for bugs and melvin. I haven't hit upon anything that we both like.
yet one more reason I'll never have children.

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