Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Black chin debris

Scooter has some thing weird going on. Under her chin there has been some black debris for a while. I finally decided to bite the bullet and wash it off. She doesn't take to water well at all... last time I washed her she bit me. so anyway.. the black stuff turned her white fur pinkish, which lead me to believe that it was flea dander. I searched her, and didn't find a speck of it anywhere else. I searched the other kitties and didn't see a speck on any of them either. I cleaned her up and figured that was the end of it. But it wasn't.. cause its all back... just as bad as it was before. I have NEVER heard of a flea that hangs out under a cat's mouth..

I'm thinking they are mental fleas cause they are hanging out on the mental kitty..

I am NOT looking forward to bath day.. I'm hoping that I wont need to once they get back from the vet..

tomorrow night is going to be tough, as I'm bringing them in to the shelter for their fasting, then will have to back to adopt.. although I'll probably get a lot of work done.. lol

(update 2015 - I now know this is feline acne. going through these old posts is so interesting for me, reminding me where I started from, how clueless I really was)

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