Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Fun with kittens

This really isn't a foster kitty story, but it is.. but not about fostering.. just fun.. enjoy

I have the weirdest shape bedroom.. almost looks like a skinny Utah. There has only been one way to put the bed in that room, so for five years that's where it has been. The room NEVER worked well, but it functioned so that was that. However I was thinking the other day - a dangerous past time I know.. that if we flipped the bed around and put it basically in the middle of the room it would work.. so that is what we had planned for the day. Take all the furniture out of the room, vacuum, flip the bed around (after dismantling it) the put it back together, then put the furniture back. I tell you this cause as you know the kittens are all now running around the house, and yes.. they have pivotal parts in this story.

The first part was the hubby's department, of picking up all the little stuff, and dusting (I'm allergic to dust in the worst way). When most of it was up and out of the way I went in to help with the heavy lifting. We moved the two dressers out of the room, along with a stand up jewelry box, and an old microwave cart that I use as a night stand. The kittens did NOT make this easy, they kept getting under foot. But we were able to do it with relative ease. We then kicked all the kitties out of the room to vacuum. We shut the closet doors, an vacuumed. When we were mostly done I went into the other room, and izzy, scooter and melvin were on the chair in the living room looking quite confused at the big nasty thing making the big nasty noise. I went back in the room, shut the door, and proceeded to move the mattress. However at that point izzy and jack came out from under the bed. Was quite confusing how she got in there, but not totally. The bedroom door has a kitty door in it cause the bedroom is the only room we air condition in the summer, and we didn't want to suffer through cats crying at the door. So we shove them out the door, and propped the mattress up against it so they couldn't come in. Well jack wasn't going to let that stop him. there was a bit of space, so he climbed in and hung out in there.. half way through reassembling the bed I heard him back there. i knew he was so I mentioned it. when we got the bed frame back together, and put the mattress back on, I found jack.. the spot he was laying in was quite warm. :) So we started putting the room back together, and I heard a meow. I mentioned there was another cat in the room, the hubby didn't believe me, so I tracked down the meow, and found bugsy in the closet. Poor thing must have been terrified in there with the vacuum going. While moving things around, I found a head band that I bought that has a pair of cat ears on it. I put it on. I helped bring in the taller dresser and the tv. I laid down on the bed, and checked the tv placement, which was fine. Got up, brought in the other dresser. Laid back on the bed, and bugsy jumped up and cuddled with me. I eventually got up and moved the second dresser into place, then turned around and patted bugsy who now had his ears plastered to his head and his eyes were wide open. very gizmo from the gremlins. I talked to him and tried to calm him down, but he only started making himself bigger and flattened his ears even more. I figured he was frightened by the movement of the dresser, so I reached out to pat him to calm him.. but it had the opposite affect... his ears practically disappeared into his head, he became this round furry ball with two HUGE eyes, and he actually hissed at me. at which point the hubby reminded me I had my cat ears on, so I took them off, and went to pat him again, and he immediately calmed quite a bit. Jack reacted pretty much the same way to them. VERY funny. at this point the room was mostly put together, and everyone was in there wrestling, and playing with the quilt, and enjoying the entertainment of the ceiling fan. For some reason ceiling fans are VERY entertaining.

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