Wednesday, January 22, 2003

website problems

Not sure how many of you have found my new home here... my domain was down for a while.. I got it back up, but I needed to move it, so I decided not to move this back till after the move. I just changed my dns and set up new hosting.. $15 for the year, and WAY more room.. so.. soon I shall be back over at and the images will all be back

I went out and bought some new toys for the boys.. (and girl) and in less than 2 minutes they had destroyed one... *rolls eyes*. Moe lost yet another tooth.. down to five *crosses fingers the other falls out soon* Once I'm back up and running at my real host, I'll post a pic of the eight of them.

Muffin and Moe are currently wrestling in my computer box that I set up for them to play in.. Kodi is sleeping on the back of my chair.. he sleeps a lot. and he's still wheezing.. *sigh* Looks like chicken soup is in order.. lol.

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