Monday, January 6, 2003

The mom is in heat

Mom is in heat. At least she's not all that obnoxious about it, but just obnoxious enough. She keeps looking at Ollie and Jack and meowing and acting all slutty. They just look at her as if to say "what's all the commotion about". great thing about getting your kitties neutered early.. they have absolutely no idea what that is all about. She woke me up this morning meowing.. so I've thrown her downstairs. I'm am definitely bringing her back to the shelter tomorrow.

Scooter was sleeping on the couch this morning. I went to pet her, and she had a little bit of blood on her paw. Didn't come from her.. so I'm quite perplexed about it, but no one seems to be hurt, and no one else has blood on them, so I'm going to just let this one go. She probably nicked someone in a fight, and they are all better now.

I was thinking that the full dose of antibiotics was doing the trick with the kittens. The vet said 1.5 once a day.. the shelter says 2 twice a day.. so I decided everyone was going to get it twice a day. Bugsy's nose finally cleared up.. his eyes were too for a while. Yesterday he had a speck of dust on his eyeball, I don't see it now, but his eyes are still watering big time. Melvin's are too. I just don't understand why they aren't getting better. *throws up hands in frustration*

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