Friday, January 31, 2003


Ollie has been doing some major kissing up lately. its kinda cute. But he's big, and heavy, and sheds all over me. I so wish he'd get used to being combed. I realized Jack has a few mats between his back legs. He was not too amused about getting them taken care of. He keeps biting the brush.. I'm about to go to amazon and buy a book I saw it there the other day when surfing around, its called psycho kitty? Hopefully it might be able to explain some of the weirder aspects of the kitties behavior. Like why ollie really hates moe and muffin. and why muffin can't stop licking me.

I left a note at the shelter yesterday... letting them know I'm ready and able for more kittens. it being the middle of winter, I don't think its going to happen for a long long while.. *sigh* You know. If I could, I'd wish the pet overpopulation problem away.. but I'd be so sad never having another kitten in my house. And where would people get their kitties?

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