Saturday, August 30, 2003

power puff kitties

I'm sitting here watching Eli attack the catnip sack from a few posts back. He is loving it. chewing on it.. sucking on it.. attacking it. Muffin jumped down to see what all the fuss was about. Eli let her sniff it.. she didn't seem as motivated as him to enjoy the nip, so he took back over.. almost as if to say "you're doing it wrong!" he started attacking it again.. it made me think of buttercup from the power puff girls... I mentioned that to the hubby.. then I said muffin is definitely Bubbles.. making Jack be Blossom. Ollie then jumped down from his perch high a top the cat tree, and walked over to "bubbles" and "attacked" her.. in that slow I'm not really motivated to hurt you, but I wouldn't mind showing my dominance right now move. So I said, well I guess that makes Ollie Mojo Jojo... I looked at Emmy and said, and does this make Emmy the professor? Hubby said no.. Emmy is the Mayor... which would make me Ms. Bellum... and of course, that means the hubby is the professor.

We had a really good giggle over that one. Hope you've watched the power puff girls cartoon at least once to enjoy the humor of this post.

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