Friday, October 10, 2003

Stool issues

so I went into the kitten room yesterday and was in there for a while. Mom went poop again, and there was a bit of formation, so I was getting optimistic, but then she went again and it was very very loose. again with the freshly made pudding. so I brought in yet another sample.. still negative. The doc consulted with the herbalist, and she recommended feeding her mice. Yup. The perfect cat food.. honestly. It has all the nutrients a cat needs.. like it was made to eat mice. But alas, I can't do that to the poor little mice. She also recommended white fish. but I don't do fish. She recommended pork.. now that I can do. so I run out to the store and get some pork.. torture my own kitties cooking it, bring it in the kitten room, torture the kittens by giving it only to mom, who does not want it. Poor thing. Although she did go poop once again and this time it was actually formed. So.. now do I give up and let the kittens eat the pork, or do I leave her alone with the pork and hope she eats it?

The kittens are all growing up wonderfully.. they are calming down a smidge.. almost to the point where I wouldn't call them obnoxious anymore. Not there yet, but close. Starting to become considerate and cute and cuddly... starting.. :)

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