Friday, October 17, 2003

back in business

For those of you who don't know, I live in New England. We just had a massive autumn storm come through here.. wind.. rain.. the works. It took my power out, and the power of about 20 surrounding cities. I was without power for 27 hours, then without internet access for another 24. It wasn't pretty to be me. But I've now gone through all 200 emails, and I'm so ready for bed. Got to work in the morning, then bring the kits in to the shelter to be adopted.

I brought them into the clinic to be neutered on Wednesday. It was fun. I got a couple of really good pictures, but the camera is somewhere not near the computer at the moment, so I'll have to work on those a bit later. Brought them home Wednesday night.. realized I didn't have power. Gave them a small amount of food - cause they hadn't eaten all day but I was worried that they would be nauseous from the anesthesia. Left the room, tried to entertain myself.. and not let the kittens get burned with candles.. Went back into the kitten room later and gave them some more food.. you almost wouldn't know what they had just gone through. They were a bit subdued, but only those of us who spent any time with them would have noticed.

They are all of good health, except Ennui. She has a bit of a heart murmur. There was a bit of a disagreement of exactly how bad it was. They grade murmurs on a scale of 1 to 6. the first doc thought 2-3.. the other thought 3-4. I let Taz know when I got home, explained what the doctors told me about what that meant for her (that she could grow out of it, or it could mean some heart trouble and she'd live a shortened life) and let Taz and her family decide if they still wanted to adopt Ennui, and *yay* they did. So Thursday morning - sans power - I got ready and meet her at the shelter. Was so hard handing her over as she was so confused why she wasn't with her brothers anymore... but from the sounds of it, she's doing just fine in her new home - like there was ever any doubt.

Thursday afternoon, the clinic called the shelter about some kittens they were spaying. Two of them had URI, so they wouldn't spay them, so the shelter called me and asked me to take them.. so now I have those two in a cage downstairs.. it's not the most ideal setting for them, but its temporary till Saturday night when I can clean the kitten room, and move them upstairs. My friend Rachel who fosters has a sick kitten she wants me to take care of.. he's got URI as well.. and.. get this.. a "large penis". Not exactly sure what that means.. will have to have a nice discussion about that and the care when I see her this weekend.

speaking of those kittens.. I need to get off this computer and go medicate them.. I still have a bunch of things to catch up on, but they can wait.

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