Saturday, October 18, 2003

and they are gone in record time...

So I brought the terror four into work with me today so I could be there when they were available for adoption.. I'm glad I did cause they were all adopted within an hour. The first to go was Tobin, and he was picked out while I was still at work. I brought him out front to cuddle with him for a bit, and one of the clients who came in fell in love with him. I told her that he'd be up for adoption shortly after noon time.. and she showed up.. then another woman showed up with her daughter and her friend. She took Kodi and Anika. That left poor Tig all alone. I tried to get the woman who took Tobin to take him, but she already has two older cats, and she worried what they would think of two new kitties. Then there was a husband and wife with two young - school age - kids. I tried to pawn him off on them, but she said she already had an orange kitty and was looking for a little diversity. She ended up taking two of another set of fosters. Then a young guy came in took one look at Tig and said he was the man. :) it seemed like the perfect fit. I had such a good feeling about it that I didn't ask any of the normal questions.. Amy went and asked him, and he had all the right answers. He said he was a new home owner and he thought it was time. I was there when they went over the application and he was born in 1980!! oh my goodness I felt old then. But I just knew it was a good fit.

Pictures from the last few days

Ok.. we're back in a cage.. what's going on?

OMG.. do you know what they just did to us..
Man I'm sleepy.. 

What a beautiful day to be adopted 

oh no.. not ANOTHER car ride

Kodi: oh man what a long day

Tigger: I might have been last, but I like my new dad..

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