Monday, October 27, 2003

Eli and the tear duct flush and kitten update

I talked to the herbalist today.. she recommends starting out trying a tear duct flush for Eli.. so I'm going to schedule that on a day that the surgeon who has had some luck doing the procedure is working. I talked to two of the other surgeons, and they haven't had much success doing it, which is why I wanted to go the herbal route.. but hopefully the surgery will work well, and we won't have to worry about pilling him. Dr. S does surgery on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I was going to schedule it for Thursday, but then I remembered that I have the morning off. I like the idea of his being there the next day as well if perchance something goes wrong, so we are going to wait till next Thursday. a week isn't going to make much of a difference since it's been going on for so long.. and his eyes are actually much better recently, so I think this works out for the best.

now for the kittens. I took another look at the little girls eye, and it seems fine.. must have just been a trick of light. The little fluffy one decided he didn't want to eat yesterday. I put a bit of food in his mouth, and he ate that but didn't eat on his own. He seemed to want to eat, but just wouldn't. He's not sneezing, and looks healthy, except for the lack of food. I forced some KMR into him so at least he had some nutriants. I said to myself if he didn't eat in the morning I'd bring him in with me to work, but he actually ate about three bites, then gave up.. so I forced some more KMR into him, and stopped to get some meds. Hopefully, I won't need to use them, and he'll be ready to eat when I go in there... right now.

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