Monday, October 6, 2003

the kitten cuteness can be overwhelming

The kittens reached the age a week or two or three ago where they start becoming overwhelming. If you've never had five 8 week old kittens in the house, then it really is mayhem. The other day they learned they could jump on the computer table and use that to get on higher shelves on the shelving units in the room. I keep the bottom shelf empty, but since they normally can't get to the second and third shelves, those are full of stuff. Well, the other day they got up on the shelf and pushed all kinds of stuff off it and into the litter box, which they then proceeded to use. It couldn't have been comfortable, but they knew it was mayhem, and thus needed to be done.

They also enjoy looking out the door to the rest of the house. I keep a gate up so they can't escape easily. However, they are at the point that if they tried they could get past the gate, fortunately, none of them have tried up until today when I saw Anika on the top of the gate about ready to bound into the rest of the house. bad kitty. So if they don't go back soon, my hands are going to be super full.

speaking of going back.. I weighed them the other day and I could have sworn that Ennui was 2.25 lbs.. today (and yesterday too) she was only 2lbs. Yesterday I figured it was just because they ran out of food and she ran herself silly.. and a whole bunch of other excuses. Now I'm wondering if the scale wasn't off when I weighed her. I'm hoping that it's nothing. She seems in great health.

Today after I fed them, I picked Ennui up and cuddled her. She's into cuddling and immediately started drifting into a kitty nap. Tigger stopped by and I started cuddling him. After a few moments, he started drifting too. Kodi stopped by.. I snuggled him into the group.. oh it was a site.. I wish I would have been able to take a picture for you.. although Kodi liked attacking my necklace, and my earrings, and then when those were no longer an option, my nose. How can such terrors be so overwhelmingly cute??

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