Tuesday, October 28, 2003

so cute it hurts

the kittens are doing well.. totally rambunctious.. and so utterly cute it hurts.. the little fluff balls prancing around, trying to act all big and tough, showing their sides when running towards another kitten so as to look bigger. I wish I could take a video to share with you all, cause it is so utterly cute.

*warning - poop update*
So they all had very loose stools when they showed up here, but after the last dose of strongid they cleared up. Fluffy's were quite stinky and loose, and he wasn't eating very well at all, so I brought some to the vet, and they didn't see anything but a possible tapeworm egg, so for now, he's on albon.

Fluffy's appetite started coming back, and he is getting very possessive of his food... so now I have to give them four dishes of food. George is still sneezing his head off.. hopefully, that will stop soon.

OT: there is a lady bug crawling on the ceiling of this room, it's freaking my kitties out.. they want to get it.. so everyone is just staring at the ceiling..

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