Monday, October 13, 2003

We have solid poop!!

yes.. yes yes.. I know you're all totally thrilled.. almost took a picture of it to share with ya all.. :) FINALLY mom's stool is nice and solid and looks like it should She left it right on top of the litter so I'd see it.. lol (ya'll will never look at butterscotch pudding the same way again!)

Kittens are going to the vet on Thursday barring any complications. I called the shelter to let them know they were ready and the clinic could do them. Taz is going to adopt Ennui.. for the few of you who visit here who don't know Taz, she's a friend of mine I met through Neopets We found out a while back that we live fairly close to one another.. when another of my sets of foster kittens were available for adoption, and she ended up taking two - Domino and Isabell who she named Minou.. and now she'll have three - of mine, four altogether. I'm very glad that Ennui is getting a good home, and that I'll get to see her from time to time. :) (now if I can only convince her hubby to let her have Tigger as well)

I bought my own kitties some kitty ice cream.. its high in protein low in sugars.. Jack liked it.. but Muffin loved it. My kitties are so silly.

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