Saturday, November 8, 2003

And the eye issues keep going on.

So Eli's surgery was a waste of time. *sigh* poor boy. He is blocked somewhere down where the tear ducts drain out into the nose. The surgeon tried everything he could, but to no avail. So he's a blocked little boy. He also recommended I put ointment in his eyes for a couple of days to help him after surgery. Eli was not thrilled with that idea. He HATES eye ointments.

He came through the surgery with flying colors. Woke up quickly. Downed the can of wet food they gave him (he rarely gets wet food at home) and went home at noon time. The only problem so far was he sneezed out a wad of mucus with blood in it.

This morning, Fluffy the foster kitty's eye was so swollen you couldn't see his eyeball.. so I packed him up and brought him down to work on my day off. The doctor who looked at him "broke" his eye and found a huge mucus plug. EWWW.. but at least we can see his eyeball now. I also have different ointment for him now. It has hydrocortisone in it.. so we should be seeing some improvements soon. I also brought Gracie in cause her URI was sounding horrible, and I wanted to make sure it hadn't gotten in her lungs. It hadn't. On the ride home, I took them out of the carrier, and Gracie cuddled up on my chest and went to sleep. Fluffy was full of spit and vinegar, and was a bit of a handful, but it was nice to see him so active. I still really hadn't settled on a name for him. I was calling him Sam, but I didn't really like that.. he's always just been fluffy.. so I called him fluffinutter.. which I liked.. then I called him the fluffinator.. which I LOVE.. :) He's got such big feet, and he's going to be such a big boy when all is said and done. I know that the name probably won't stick with him, but it is going to for now. I'll probably still call him fluffy for short.. but at least it won't sound so girly to me now.. :)

and I still can't express how much I want to adopt him. Especially when he rolls on his back and lets me pat his tummy.

(update 2016 - it breaks my heart to read that I fed my cats so poorly back then. *sigh* if I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now... )

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