Sunday, November 23, 2003

ever had four kitties in your lap at once?

It was so fun today.. I went into the kitten room late this morning, and they were happy to see me. They have figured out what dry food is for, but they do not like to eat it.. so they were a little hungry, so all four kittens were on my lap purring, being absolutely adorable.. it was so sweet. Sadly the Fluffinator is still a little skittish of me.. he stands off to the side when I walk in the room. I suppose that is a good thing, I won't step on him again that way. Unfortunately, they are still going pale in the gums from time to time.. I really should look into it and see what is going on. Shirley's glands are still very swollen as well. I think I'll mention it to the vet when I go in on Tuesday.

yes.. Tuesday. I'm taking a personal day off from work. My grandmother died last night. I met her once. I personally am not upset about it. I'm more just out of whack. Just seems so strange. My mother.. she's a different story. It's like her mother's death didn't affect her at all. It feels like she's only taking the time off because it's in her contract, and since she didn't take any time off when her father died - a couple of years ago.. which totally didn't affect me - she feels she has this time coming to her. I'm going to go over tomorrow and bake cookies with her for a bit, then come home and sleep. I'm sure a nice long nap will put things back into perspective for me.

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