Sunday, November 2, 2003


I took the kittens to the clinic yesterday. George was still wheezing after a week of antibiotics, and Gracie (the other black one) is/was leaking out of her anus. I had to give her baths every single day. Saturday morning I went to wipe off her tushie before running off to work and she screamed so loud that I just packed them all up and brought them down. So now George is on zithromax due to having pneumonia, and Gracie is on Albon as well.

One of the girls at the clinic gave them baths, and combed Sam (aka fluffy) He didn't much like it. He's going to have to learn though.. being so long, he already had a matt. He's doing much better at keeping the poop off his fur.. which is good.

I let them run around the kitten room after coming home. That night the hubby and I went in to see them, and they were all tuckered out, so a few fell asleep on me, and Sam fell asleep on him. George was wheezing and laying on the floor, so I gave the kittens on me to the hubby, and they proceeded to make a little kitten pile on him and fall asleep. George was limp for a while, then started biting my thumb, and attacking my hair. He has way too much energy for someone who has pneumonia. For as much trouble as these guys are (man I say that a lot) they are awful good kitties.

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