Tuesday, November 4, 2003

if its not for one end, it MUST be for the other

I've said before that the new guys have no idea what the dry food is for. They also have no idea what water is for. I went in to medicate them today, and I find they have knocked over the water bowl and gotten their bedding all wet. So I let them run around the room while I clean it up. I put wet food out for them which they chow down on, then they start running around the room. Gracie (butt girl) proceeded to climb into a container of dry food. I start to think, oh goodie.. she's gonna have a few bites.. but nooooo she starts doing the pee scoot, and starts to go pee!!! oh Gracie.. it's food! not litter. Silly girl. Her butt still looks quite nasty, so back in she goes. She's also starting to sneeze quite a bit. George is sounding a LOT better.. an occasional sneeze, but I'm not going to worry about that. I am going to bring them all in though, cause I don't want to separate them. If it were just a quick trip down I would, but she'd have to stay there all day.. and setting up a cage for one kitty for the day is the same as setting it up for four.

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