Sunday, November 16, 2003

Vaccinating kittens

Well.. the kittens are doing so well that I gave them their first round of shots today. All kittens get at least one distemper shot and a rabies shot when they are neutered. If they have been at the shelter long enough (one month) they get their second set as well. I should have given them the first shot the other week, but they were so sick, the doctors recommended against it. Today Fluffy's eye is so much better it's not noticeable, and we only have an occasional sneeze.. although was a pile up of snot around fluffy's nose.. but I wasn't worried. They took it beautifully.. although fluffy did squirm quite a bit, and I did need some help holding him still. I took a few more pictures. Lest you think getting good kitten pictures is easy, let me assure you, it is not..

I spent some time today and did a little grooming of my own kitties.the whole teeth cleaning, nail trimming, combing thing.. which usually follows giving out a whole bag of kitty treats to tempt another kitty to come close to me when they just saw what was going on. We got through it all with relatively little hassle. Going to start Emerald's PZI tomorrow.. hopefully, she'll do well on a low dose, cause that stuff is expensive. Not that she's not worth it.. but we can hope.

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