Wednesday, November 5, 2003

my new past time - drugging kitties

Gracie is still leaking out of her butt, and George is still sneezing and wheezing.. so I packed up the crew this morning and brought them in for a recheck.

I'm unpacking them, and Fluffy's eye is all swollen. Looks very much like what Muffin had last year around this time.

A little later on in the day I'm playing with George, and he stuck his tongue out to bite me and I see huge blisters on it - looks very much like what Eli had last year around this time.. didn't that just totally freak me out to no end.. (cause we lost Kodi)

so anyway.. We took an x-ray of Gracie.. we didn't see anything wrong with her... but boy her little bones are cute.

so now.. (get ready for this)

I have to give Shirley - the non-sick one - zithromax twice a day, and panacur once a day for three days then repeat in three weeks.

I have to give Fluffy eye ointment twice a day, zithromax twice a day, and panacure (see above)

I have to give George zithromax twice a day, baytril (an 1/8 of a tablet) once a day and panacure

I have to give Gracie zithromax twice a day, metronidazole once a day (a smidge more than an 1/8 of a tablet) and panacur, and - get this - tender vittles.. which she is NEVER going to recognize as food since none of them know what dry food is for. Gracie actually went pee in a bowl of dry food the other day. They play in their water bowl cause they have no idea what that is for either.

I'm going to need a tote board to keep track of all of this.

It's surgery day for Eli tomorrow.. Wish him well.

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