Thursday, November 20, 2003


I stepped on Fluffy today. I didn't mean to, and I didn't do an ounce of damage physically, but the poor thing was terrified of me afterwards.. So I picked him up and cuddled him, making sure everything was okay, and gaining back his trust. After a few moments I had it, so I put him down.. he was fine.. untill I stood up, then he was all cowering again. It would have been so adorable if I hadn't felt so horrible about it

Emerald has been on the PZI now for a few days and has been doing extremely well on it. Her coat is better, and she seems a bit more interested in what is going on around her.

I think there has been a slight improvement in Eli's eyes. He has been visiting the herbalist twice a week now for a bit.. she's using a laser on his face to stimulate growth of healthy tissue around his blockage. He's such a sweet little boy, but I think he's catching on to his Monday and Friday trips to the vet..

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