Saturday, October 8, 2005

Fun Fluff and all that jazz

Everyone is back to normal around here.. well as normal as normal can be for 12 cats in one house. Now don't laugh, as you should know, only six live here full time!! :)

I went in for a check-up with Jack, Twee and Emmy. Em comes with me every time I go in for an exam cause frankly she's old, she' diabetic, and she has a heart condition. It was time for Jack and Twee's vaccines. Jack got a general check up again cause of the blockage. Dr. B said that Jack had a very small penis. I was told Eli did too, and I can't help but wonder if it is because they were neutered so young*. Ollie was neutered at 6 months, So was Emmy (yes, she is a boy, long story) and the rest are girls. Anyway.. not that it matters as long as I keep them on the right food so they don't produce crystals.

Dr. B said that Twee should probably not have all her vaccines at the same time due to her medical issues. So she needs to go back.

The black kittens are doing very well. I sat with them last night, and I hugged Sam to me. She didn't want to be there, so I let her go, talking to her the whole time, promising her that it was okay to like to be patted, and promising her I wouldn't hurt her, and that it was okay. I kissed her several times since she just sat on the edge of the couch. I continued to try to convince her that I was okay, and after a few more minutes of kissing and soft talking, she climbed back on my chest and fell asleep. It was SOOOOO rewarding. The big question is, will she do it again. Probably not, but seeing where she came from, and the major trust issues she has, I was so happy. Char and Yoda have so gotten over the loss of their mom and the beginnings of their lives, but Sam really hasn't. She's still reserved and easily spooked. This does not bode well for what is coming up. I might get them neutered then bring them home for another week, just so they don't go up for adoption right afterwards and totally undo all the work I've done.

Mom and her kits are doing well. She's still VERY skinny, and an exceptionally picky eater, but she is eating... sometimes eating everything to the bowl. Leo is a huge fat puff ball. He is a laugh riot and I love him dearly. Marie is still the prim and proper little lady, until she gets into a wrestling match with someone. They all have stinky and loose stools, so I'm deworming again. The shelter mentioned they had a problem with coccida so I'm afraid I'm going to have to do albon if it doesn't clear up soon. It's not that the kitties mind taking it, it's just that they are already on clindamycin for the calcivirus.

Speaking of which, I'm wondering if I shouldn't take a break for a bit and get that out of the kitten room. I can bleach till the cows come home, I'm still going to miss something, and I think it takes six weeks to dissipate. The season SHOULD be coming to an end soon. Usually, May to December. This year it was late June before the kittens started showing up... however once September hit they were overwhelmed. I think it is because the idiots out there with unneutered cats found homes for their spring babies, and now are sick of dealing with pregnant cats so they are giving them up. Oh, how I hate people!!

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