Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And you thought Ty Pennington was hot

I was with the kittens the other day and we turned on extreme makeover - home edition. Yoda ran up to the screen and pawed at Ty's face. it was SOOOO cute. I wished I had had the camera, but then I remembered that even if I did, she wouldn't have stayed there long enough for me to get a picture. Although I'm not sure what kind of taste she has, cause she did the same thing to wrestling the other day.

I was concerned for Sam's health on Sunday. She climbed up on the loveseat with me and laid down on my foot. This was a big deal for her. I gently picked her up and put her on my chest. She shivered for a bit, then settled down. She was quite warm. Her ears and nose weren't, but her core body temp was. I thought I should bring her to the vet on Monday, but with my work day, it was going to be next to impossible. Monday morning when I went to collect her, she was bright eyed and chipper and ate very well. Did Monday night too. Oh well. Guess I was overreacting, again.

Char likes to climb up to the top of the two story cat condo I have and chase his tail. It's so funny. Occasionally his tail has hung over the side, and he has fallen off trying to get it.

Leo had a small issue last night. I noticed a huge poop ball stuck to his butt. I tried to take it off, but it was soft and mushy and he didn't like it, so up he came to get a bath. He took that like a trooper. He is SOOO cute.. it hurts. I'm just glad he's not an uber lover kitty, cause then I'd want to keep him.

On a slightly off topic subject, I have had some issues at work. An older gentleman (I don't even know if I can use the word gentleman with him) has been a constant pain. I work in the office of a selling environment. The sellers sell, and the office people process the paperwork. He refuses to even pretend he can do anything other than get people to commit to buy. I am sure he could if he took the energy make sure his sales were completed properly - like all the other sales associates, but he plays the "old" card too many times. I'm sorry, but if you are too feeble minded to complete your sales, you are too feeble to work. period. I do my best to work with him and be professional about it, but after the 10th time in a row correcting him for the same issue, it gets to you. Well, this guy was talking about getting the office girls a gift. He mentioned to me a steak dinner. I joked that the only thing I'm interested in is kitty litter. I figured a big heavy present would be something he wouldn't do. He said he would do that, and I told him point blank not to. He again said he would buy me litter, and again I told him not to, and if he really wanted to do something for me to donate to a local shelter. He went on to talk about a kitty he once had, and how he loved it very much, but it had gotten old so he took it out back and shot it. I told him to not talk to me about such things (I mean COME ON!!) and he continued to try to justify the situation and I again told him to stop talking about it, asking him what if he had missed. Well, he didn't stop, and I walked away. Well later he asked me if I was working on Monday so he could bring me litter, and I again told him not to. Yup. He brought me litter. Took it and put it right by my car. I told him I would not take it. He got very flustered. He left the litter by my car. One after another the sales associates came up to me and asked me about the litter, and if I might want help putting it in my car cause it was going to rain. I explained that I was not going to be forced into taking something I asked not to be given. I'm glad the staff seemed to support me on this, and not try to guilt me into taking it. (even though I know they knew I wasn't going to take it when they asked if I needed help putting it in my car) One of them moved it away from my car and put it near the front entrance, where it sat all day - in the rain. I felt guilty for not taking something that could benefit the kittens, but I know that the giver would have been self-satisfied if I had taken it. He left at 5. I left at 6. the litter was still sitting outside the building.

It is still bothering me.

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