Saturday, October 15, 2005

Party favors all around!!!

This morning Leo's temp was 103. He nosed the food, but I don't think he ate any. Tonight I went down and he started playing. It's reserved, but he was into it. I fed him about 24cc's of food, and he fell asleep on me it was so cute. Then when I put him away, he started eating. YEA!!!

We had sleepy time as well. I had Leo, Yoda, and Sam on me. The hubster had Char on him. Marie who is still not feeling very well - only got 20 cc's of food in her and when cleaning off her nose I made it bleed and it became uber sensitive - was sleeping in the cat condo. I reached down and patted Sam in her sleep, and she STARTED TO PURR!!! Yes.. that's right.. PURR! I was joking with the hubby earlier that Yoda had both her and Sam's purr, but she found it. It was such a gift.

Im still not 100% convinced that they are going to be fine. When their temp returns to normal (101) for a couple of days and they start eating to sustain themselves, THEN I'll relax.

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