Friday, October 14, 2005

fever of 104.3

It didn't beep, so it is probably higher than that, but it is still high. I can't get the fever to come down. Dr. B said something yesterday that I did not want him to say "fever of unknown origin". This is almost synonymous with FIP. My heart screamed out that he is suffering from the calcivirus and while he might not be stuffy, that is the problem. His sister has a fever too, and she's blowing snot bubbles out her nose. Well tonight both of them had blood droplets coming out of their nose. Not a big concern for kittens that have suffered from URI for an extended period of time, cause the sneezing and excessive phlegm will cause the irritation and cause a bit of blood. However, I have not heard him sneeze in days.

I am scared to pieces. In Kodi's final days, something caused his eyes to fill with blood and he too had blood droplets coming out of his nose. But then again, Eli also had a high fever, and nose blood, and he came out of it.

I can only take comfort in the fact that he is showing some interest in eating, and playing. Not that Kodi didn't. I have to force myself not to see FIP... (of course if it is there is nothing that will touch it... best I can do for him is to make him comfortable for as long as I can)

I'm going to have the hubby call the shelter and try to get some history on the mom. If she came from a home prior to this, I'll feel a lot better. Ten bucks to two, though... Well, let's just cross those bridges when we get to it.

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