Sunday, October 16, 2005


Marie has taken a turn for the worse. Doesn't want to eat, doesn't want to play. Mom still isn't a big eater, and she had a VERY stinky poop this morning so I took it in for testing, and they have coccidia. An intestinal parasite that will make them feel kinda lousy, but really isn't anything to do with the fever. They are now starting on Albon.

Leo has been back to his ol self, playing and nibbling a bit. I was so thrilled this morning, I didn't want to interrupt his play to take his temp. I just took it a few minutes ago, and it's 104.5 So its back up. Fever of unknown origin.. Please no. This has to be something else.. it just has to be.

At the shelter I looked for mom's history. They were found abandoned in an apartment. Not a promise they won't have exposure issues, but at least they weren't in a dumpster. *crosses fingers and sends out prayers*

I do have some cute pictures of them to share.. will have to get them off my camera and post them.

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