Thursday, October 27, 2005

neutering day

Char, Sam, and Yoda went in yesterday to get neutered. They did really really well. When I brought them in there wasn't a hiss to be had. Talking with the girls, Sam hissed a little bit, but nothing too excessive. I was so sure that it would have thrown them all back into scared little kitties, but it didn't. They are now back home, safe and snug in their little cage.

Dr. B did the surgery. Yoda has the SMALLEST incision I have ever seen. It looks like another one of her nipples. He is amazing. Sam's is nice and small too, but twice the size of Yoda's.

I let them all run around for a bit this morning, and Leo started attacking my ankles.. that boy is fierce (no.. not really. he's freakin adorable Now if he was only a belly slut, there would be no stopping me from keeping him)

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