Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cautious optimism

Well, I wouldn't let myself worry too much, but it seems I can't totally enjoy the positive side of getting better either. Looks like they are both on the road to recovery. Mom, however, is STILL not eating well. I can't for the life of me figure out why. she's getting thinner and thinner.

Marie and I had a nice talk this morning. I gave her her antibiotics, and she totally flipped out on me. all limbs flailing, like I had just put the most disgusting thing in her mouth ever (I tried to come up with an analogy like liver in a child's mouth, but I couldn't think of a thing that would totally disgust a cat to taste - no wait.. medicine. lol) I let her go so she could calm down, then I picked her up again, and looked into her very pathetic eyes (pleading with me not to do that ever again) and explained to her that while she was not eating, I was going to have to put yucky things and food into her. She didn't look happy about it, but when I went down tonight, the food was gone. Now Leo is eating, so I couldn't be sure, but then I put more food down and she started chowing. (*silent YEA!!*) She ate about half a fancy feast can, then she wanted to play. She played for two hours till I packed them back up in their cages, and she went to eat more food (YEA!!!) Both Marie and Leo's nose look horrible, but I have to take my victories where I can get them.

Yoda, Charlemagne, and Sam are doing very well. Sam and Char like to fall asleep on humans. I have yet to see Yoda sleep. I swear she has a motor in her that is loud as a boat, and keeps her going 24/7... man she's cute. I need to call and get them set up with their neutering. This is going to be hard on them.

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