Monday, December 19, 2005

bah humbug!

Tweedle made me take pictures of her to give to her daddy so he would have them at work, and while I was trying to take picture of her I got this. I also tried to take some of Sam and Char, and as usual, black kitties do not photograph well. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Speaking of digital photos. I just found out that I can upload my photos to and have them printed at my local walmart. Okay, honestly, I knew about this for a while, but this is the first time I did it, and I must say I love it!! I sat in my comfy chair, picked the photos I wanted to print, uploaded them, cropped them, submitted my order - they even gave me 10 free prints!! I walked in, they gave me my prints, while all the other people were standing in line at the photo kiosks.. Yup.. I'll be doing this a lot more often now.. I hated trying to find media to load my pictures on to bring.. and I don't even feel guilty sending just one picture in. :)

Apparently, I didn't blog that Sam and Char were having major bouts of URI at the shelter.. so much so they retested them for FELV. They are negative but unadoptable looking as they did. So I brought them home for an extended period of time. (yea) I just now have to find someone in New England who wants to adopt a nice little black kitty or two. Sam and Char are now starting to play with one another which is nice... but it does mean that the room isn't as neat as it once was. Oh well. It took them a while to adjust to being back here, but last night the hubby got both of them on his lap and they both gave him their bellies to rub :) (yes, I am jealous!) Char seems to be totally secure now, with Sam figuring it out after a few minutes, but if you leave and come back it starts all over. *shrug*

I did go on Sunday to adopt Tucker the bunny. He was finally adopted out on Saturday. Yea for him, boo hoo for me. There was another bunny there who was cute (almost a torti or brindle coloring) and sorta friendly, but when I put him down in the cage he bit at the bars and dug at the floor. Not quite the bunny I want. *sigh* well one of these days I'll find the right bunny.

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  1. *huggles* I wish i lived closer I'd take them!


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