Monday, December 12, 2005

Jack's trip to "Nana's"

My mother and father invited us over for dinner on Sunday.. We went but I wasn't trusting Jack home alone, since he now thinks if he knocks things off counters he'll get treats, so he came with us. I put the jingle bells back on him, and off we went. He was a little freaked out on the car ride over, but not bad. He was a good boy while visiting, although he spent most of the day behind her couches. The ride home was much more fun though. For some reason it seemed like he liked looking at all the brightly lit houses. It was like riding around with a little kid. Of course the gas station held just as much fascination for him as the holiday lights, but it was still fun to pretend he was enjoying the holiday... specially with his bells on.

I was thinking that maybe he had learned his lesson. I gave him the "cold shoulder" treatment for 24 hours, then the trip to Nana's, but I just found him up on the counter again. I'd scream at him more to stay off, but he doesn't care, and it just freaks Em right out.

Sam is currently up for adoption. No, I have run right out and adopted her. One of the women at work was thinking slightly toward a cat (she has a dog and a bird) I'm going to go talk to her about Sam, and hopefully I can get her to do it.

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