Saturday, December 10, 2005

Jack for sale

Oh my goodness.. Jack is spoiled beyond repair I fear.

He woke me up this morning traipsing all over my body. I was laying on my side, so I rolled a bit toward my back to give him a place to lay. He snuggled up on my chest and began to nuzzle my neck. As a kitten, he used to nurse on my ear, so I redirected him, thinking he wanted a little security. Nope.. He wanted my neck.. Just call him Dracujack. He nuzzled his very cold little nose into my neck, then BIT IT! arrrgh

Oh wait. it gets better.

So I'm up now, and figure I'll get online for a bit. Twee comes to visit, as does Muffin, so I know where there are when all of a sudden I hear a CRASH! Oh great. Last time I heard something like this one of my darling fur children (looks at Muffin) was trying to wash our dishes for us (with her tongue). I hear another smash, so I get up, survey the kittens in the room and make note it wasn't them in case accusations have to occur, but what do my wondering eyes doth appear, one gray little kitty with a broken treat jar! I have had this jar for almost 15 years. It was nothing special, to begin with.. just some boxed gift from an inexpensive gift I got once. It was a milk glass mason jar... with very low-quality glass. I decorated it by glueing on a cat I had cut out from a piece of cloth and had been using that as my treat jar, figuring they were safe. (NEVER underestimate the desire of Jack to get treats)

Yesterday while baking, I ran across several packages of moist treats. Now in this house, one must be very careful when doling out moist treats as they tend to excite my cats like nothing else. I don't even think a fresh-killed mouse would be better. Well I took four or five packages and filled up the jar yesterday.

Jack apparently was scoping out the joint (looking for his Christmas presents?) and I'm guessing he could smell them, so he did the only thing his little paw without an opposable thumb would allow him to do. He pushed it off the counter and smashed it into a million bits.

This, of course, delights the other furkids, who so want the treats, but there is smashed glass everywhere.. Most of them get the idea I don't want them around, but I had to lock Em up (speaking of which, I should probably let her out)

I thought about saving the treats, cause frankly the cats really don't have a clue that they will not get them now that Jack was bad, but I couldn't be certain that there wasn't glass bits in it, so out it all went.

That's it.. No more moist treats in my house.


  1. lol gotta love them!

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    omg connie...he is such a bad boy! :D but you love him anyway :P


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