Monday, December 5, 2005

As of Saturday

Sam and Char were still both at the shelter. Char's eyes were totally disgusting. That boy needs to learn to deal with stress.

I've made a decree that if Sam is still there on Saturday the 10th, I'm adopting her. No one knows this but you and me, shhhhh don't tell the hubby.

We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday night. Last year we found a prelit fake tree on sale for so cheap we couldn't pass it up. We have had 15 real trees now, and the needles and the trees that die before Christmas are getting a little old. The tree is amazing.. looks really good, and it very well lit. So much so we put on half the ornaments we usually do because we decorated with the lights on and it looked fuller faster. Ollie, who has seen 7 trees, and who absolutely LOVES them seemed confused by the fact that it didn't smell right, and there was no water to sneak out of the base. Emmy who has seen 15 of them didn't care at all.

Speaking of Emmy. She seemed more hungry than usual lately (which is saying something) so I weighed her. She's down to 15 lbs. I started worrying about thyroid, and got scared that I would have to do even MORE pills (she is on herbs for her diabetes and cosequin for her joints) Well for the fun of it I took a BG reading, and it was 58!! I gave her another snack (cause it should be around 100 and has typically been around 300) and took a reading at 8 when we gave her dinner. The reading then was 294. (okay, so I over snacked her) I took another reading this morning before breakfast and it was 158!!!!! can you say WOW!! We've cut back on her insulin, and I'm going to take another reading tonight. Yes yes yes, just one reading isn't the best idea, but when you know it is typically double what it is, you know you are on the right track. She HATES bleeding for me, thank goodness for the freestyle flash!! oh I highly recommend that glucometer for cat testing.. it requires so little blood, that I can get readings with out really having to traumatized my kitty who hates to bleed. If these amazing readings keep up, I can probably take her off insulin, which would be great because they stopped making the stuff she is on, and I don't want to go through the agony of getting her regulated on something else..

On the home front, I had a bad thing happen to me over the weekend. We went to see Harry Potter on friday at a theatre that also serves food. I had a turkey burger, which I get all the time (in fact I had one the night before when I went to see "Walk the Line") and the first bite into it I bit down on a piece of bone and cracked my tooth. can we say OUCH!! (Id bold and increase the font on that, but I think you get the picture) Anyway, I had to suffer all weekend eating on only one side of my mouth. Saturday morning I was grumpy and in a bit of pain, when Jack walked up me, and put his nose to the side of my face right where my tooth was broken, then he laid his head right there. I don't care why he did it. I LOVED it (again with the bold and the font) I was able to get to the dentist today and he fixed me right up.. but boy do I hate novocane.

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  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Omg Connie, that's awful! I can't believe you bit into a piece of bone! :(

    anyway, glad to hear about Emmy, seems like its about time! :)


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