Tuesday, December 6, 2005


Em has now gone through her 10 test strips that came with her glucometer.. so it is time to buy some more.. I priced them online, 26$ for 50 of them. Not bad.. I just stopped into walmart to see how much they were there.. they were 48$ .. can we say GACK! (my new exclamation word for the week) Man supplies are expensive..

yes.. she's worth it.

And yes, she just told me she was worth it too. Came 'running' up to me whimpering for attention.

We are stopping at 4 units of insulin for now.. her sugars were 148 this morning. (that and I'm out of strips) I need to do a full curve to see how low she gets during the day. *checks schedule and has NO idea when I am going to be able to do that*

It's kinda amusing to be me this holiday season.. I keep getting asked questions like what do you want for Christmas. The only things I really want are the basement to be remodeled, and stuff for the cats. I found a really cool cat condo thingie at Petco today. Usually I don't look at cat furniture there as it is way too expensive (like the cute kitty jail, which was two small stories, with bars in the windows of the top story for 80$) But they had a four or five foot round condo thingie (like the cheap sauna tube ones they have at walmart, only much bigger) for only 170$. yes yes... 170 is a bit of money, but I would have expected them to charge 270$ for it.

I have bought all of my cat trees on ebay. You can find some great deals on there. *which is where I am headed to get test strips and to see if they have the cardboard cat scratcher refills that I saw at Petco but they wanted way too much for them*

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