Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sam and Santa

I went to the shelter open house today... it was interesting. I had told myself all week if Sam was still available for adoption she was coming home with me. I went and looked at the kittens and she wasn't there.. which was a good thing. But then I went into the back treatment room.. and low and behold, there she was. She and Char had apparently gotten very sick again. So much so that they scared the staff enough to get a second FELV/FIV test. (which was negative)

Sam looked perfect, but Char still looked like his eyes hurt.

But since she wasn't "available" I felt I couldn't adopt her.

But I so wanted to. Was going to bring her home and name her Veronica.. (maybe)


Tucker the bunny is still at the shelter too. No idea why. He's an amazing rabbit. He's a lop though.. I've never been a fan of lops. I can't have a bunny.. (I so miss mine though) there is no place for him here, and I am allergic to rabbits.. (I so want him though)

So anyway.. back to the subject line.. When it died down a little, I brought Sam out from the back and had her picture taken with Santa. Sadly it's one of those instant pictures and not digital, so I can't share with you.. but she did so well. She's so good with crowds and dogs.. But the camera (and kids) freak her right out.


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