Friday, December 23, 2005

Testing Emmy

So I had done previous testing on Em's blood sugars, and it seemed we stopped at 4 units of insulin because her starting sugars in the AM was 148. I also had to stop because I ran out of test strips. Well, the test strips showed up the other day, so I tested her this AM and her starting sugar was 44!!! argh. So much for doing a full curve. She was sooo grumpy when trying to get her to bleed, that I'm kinda glad it was so low, so I could give her a treat.

This is soooo bizarre! awesome but bizarre. She has been a diabetic for probably six years. I think we are just going to stop the insulin altogether and see what happens.

I just wish I could get blood from her a little easier. The way you do it if you can't use a vein (and I can't cause I have no help) is you find the small little vein that runs at the end of the ear. Sadly one of her ears is ripped due to a fight when she used to go outside. I have tried to get blood from that ear, cause I know blood still goes in it since it is still alive, but I can't get it. So we only have one option, and when stressed, the blood leaves the extremities. I've threatened to cut a nail too short before, and I never rule that option out, but I need the smallest amount now (I LOVE the free style flash glucometer) so I'm still poking her ear..

I'm just so perplexed. What caused the change? (update 2016 - cancer)

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