Monday, March 6, 2006

Bri and the kittens

I have been taking Bri downstairs to the kitten room cause that floor is padded whereas the rest of my floors are hardwood, and she doesn't like them very much. Myla the foster mom was okay with her when she was pregnant. The first intro was a little iffy, but it quickly went much better and I wasn't worried with the two loose in the room as long as I was there to supervise.

Well, with the intro of the kittens I wasn't sure what she'd think. She's not an overly concerned mother. I've had moms who would take the babies right out of my hand before. Myla couldn't care less when I examine or clean them.

So the first time Myla saw Bri, she sniffed at her, then went back to her kittens. She went to eat afterwards, and the bunny jumped right into the nest with the kittens. I shooed her away. Later when Myla was back in the nest, Bri went back in, and for a few minutes, they were all snuggling together.

and wouldn't you know it, I had JUST run out of room on my digital cam!!

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