Saturday, March 4, 2006

the waiting game

well still no kittens. Don't know why. She is about to explode, and she has tons of milk.. She destroyed her cage today.. so I had to put her in the old rabbit cage. She hates to be in it, wants to be loose.. more so now than ever before. I just KNOW she wants to give birth on my couch. I've left her loose for a couple of hours. Would be nice if I went back down to kittens.

The raw food diet did not go over as well as I had expected. The raw meat was a HUGE hit, but mix it up with liver and hearts and supplements and it is poison. Well okay maybe not that bad, but they are avoiding it. Only way I can get any in Em is to mix it up with stuff that she is used to. Even that really isn't working this evening. This is frustrating. Figured it would go over like gangbusters, but nooooo.. silly kitties want to play with the box instead of the really cool toy.

Well, I'm not giving in with the others.. They are getting snacks, but their meals are raw. Em I have to be more careful with because of her diabetes. Hopefully, the transition won't take long..

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