Friday, March 17, 2006

update on the babies

The babies are doing well. Growing like weeds. Weighing from 8.3 (the girl) to 9.4 (big boy) All of their eyes were open before a week of age. The girl lost her cord a few days after she opened her eyes. They still don't like to be away from each other, and spend most of their time sleeping still... but then they aren't even two weeks yet, so this is to be expected.

I have temporarily given up on getting Em to eat raw food. She refused to eat it, and I didn't want to force feed her every day. So I need to go out and find a high quality, low carb, no garlic cat food. Not as easy as it sounds, surprisingly. There are one or two options in each brand of food that are low carb, now I need to see if they have garlic in them or not. Garlic - like onions - can cause anemia. Not to say that it will, but I'm just not willing to risk it, and it annoys the ship out of me that cat food companies who say they want only the best for your cats keep putting it in. Even supplements designed to help your cats have it too.

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  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    omg they are sooooooooooo cute!


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