Friday, March 3, 2006

Myla Update

Well I went down again this afternoon and had a good belly rub with her. She LOVES having her belly rubbed at this point.. she has got to be in prelabor.. HAS to be. Kittens are still moving well. Only problem at this point is I noticed a small amount of puss like substance at her vulva. *crosses fingers that its just prelabor stuff*

I also had my first round of making raw cat food. Went way better than I thought it would. I HATE raw meat and rarely cook with it unless it is highly processed. Guess since I didn't have to worry about picking out veins and icky stuff I wasn't that concerned. Grinding raw bones was interesting. Unfortunately, there were quite a few left over in the grinder when I was all done. *shrug* Not quite sure how to fix that. Maybe save grinding the liver and hearts for after the bones to help force it through.

I can imagine what the kids are thinking of the huge production. I hope they never figure out what I am doing. Cause if they are in my face while I'm doing it, it is NOT going to be fun. (update 2016 - ha ha ha.. we now call it "chicken raining from the sky" day..)

*goes to check up on Myla again*

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  1. ewwwwww raw meat! You are a better woman than I am. I love eating it, but i hate the way it feels all slimy and stuff *blech* Those kitties are lucky to have you


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